IMG introduces COVID-19 protective Face Shields to assortment

We can’t get around it, COVID-19 hits us all. It is important that we protect ourselves properly in order to allow society to continue safely in the “new normal”.

IMG has been working as an infection prevention specialist since 1989. We are a knowledge partner and supplier of everything in the field of personal protection. Thanks to our problem-solving ability, risks are mitigated and a safe working environment is ensured for employees of companies and for aid workers and bystanders in case of calamities. As you can expect from us, we have just gone a step further than other parties. For this, we asked Eindhoven University of Technology to conduct a study into the efficiency of the Face Shield. Eindhoven University of Technology shows the spread risks by means of a video simulation. Read more about the results of the study here.

In response to the current infection crisis surrounding COVID-19, we have decided to add a face protector to our product range. The IMG disposable Face Shield is a high-quality face mask and meets the current requirements CE EN 166/2002, ROHS 2.0, SGS and ISO. It’s a user-friendly product due to the soft foam on top and the anti-condensation layer prevents the mask from fogging up through breath.
IMG has enough in stock and can immediately provide you with face protection against the Corona virus.

We advise everyone with a contact profession to wear a Face Shield. A Face Shield doesn’t only protect you, but also patients, clients and/or customers against inhaling concentrations of droplets.

For more information and ordering options please contact us directly by phone (+31 (0) 486 420265).

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