Besides respiratory and face protection, IMG Europe offers personal protective equipment for the rest of the body, such as overalls, safety boots, and gloves. For various other protective products, including (isolation) aprons, surgical gowns, caps, hairnets, and much more you are at the right place at IMG Europe. Below you will find a selection from our range of protective clothing. Is the product you were looking for not listed here? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly explore the possibilities.


When working in a contaminated or hazardous environment, where for example chemicals, viruses or asbestos are present, it is of great importance that employees are adequately protected. The protective overalls from IMG Europe offer a solution.

Thanks to the specific properties of the various overalls, they are suitable for a variety of purposes. This enables us to deliver an overall with the appropriate degree of protection for all forms of contamination. Depending on your needs, the overalls can be provided with a hood, attached galoshes and / or a viewing window.


For certain professions, foot protection is an important part of safety in the workplace. The choice of suitable protective products depends on the working conditions of the employees. IMG Europe offers a range of products focused on foot protection, including shoe covers, safety boots, galoshes and safety shoes.

In some situations it is necessary to protect an area or surface against dirt and contaminations from the outside. Wearing special shoe covers over the shoes is a simple and effective solutions in these cases.

In general, overalls are not equipped with shoe protection. In case you do need this, it is possible to wear special galoshes. The galoshes from IMG Europe are worn under the overall and tied with a cord. The great advantage of these galoshes is that they are disposable.

Safety boots are mainly used when working in a wet and polluted environment. It is extremely important that boots are completely waterproof in such conditions. IMG Europe offers various models of boots in different safety classes and sizes.

Safety shoes (with or without a steel toe) are an absolute must for employees that work in a warehouse or on the field. At IMG Europe you are at the right place for safety shoes.


Hands are exposed to all kinds of things on a daily basis and they deserve proper protection against potentially harmful conditions. IMG Europe offers the right kind of protective glove for every situation. Among others, our extensive product range includes disposable latex gloves, reusable nitrile-latex, and cotton gloves.

Do you want more information about our assortment of protective clothing? Or are you looking for a specific product? Please feel free to contact us. The team of IMG Europe is ready to assist you and to provide you with advice about the right choice for personal protective equipment.

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