COVID-19 Protective Face Shield

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We can’t get around it, COVID-19 hits us all. We live in a busy society that does not lend itself well to keeping a good distance from each other. It’s therefore important that we protect ourselves well.

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Respiratory viruses such as COVID-19 can spread in different ways. First, they can spread through direct and personal contact, for example by giving someone a kiss or a hand. Viruses can also spread via indirect contact, such as touching a door handle or a table. Finally, respiratory viruses can also spread through the air.

In the air, viruses can be transmitted in two ways. Humans can become infected through relatively large droplets that are expelled upon exhalation, sneezing and coughing. These drops often land on the ground within a radius of 1 meter. To protect yourself against this form of droplet spread, it’s best to wear a Face Shield and/or respiratory protection mask.

In addition, virus particles can also spread through very small droplets, also known as aerosols. These droplets float in the air for a longer period of time. To reduce these particles, an active ventilation of rooms could be chosen.


As a specialist in the field of infection prevention, we would like to provide everyone with professional and proper advice regarding protection against the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, in consultation with medical microbiologists and virologists, we have decided to only offer products that meet the guidelines. We can assure you that a Face Shield is sufficient for the purpose you have in mind.


The IMG disposable Face Shield is a high-quality and user-friendly face mask. This protection mask has a soft foam on top and the anti-condensation layer prevents the mask from fogging up by breath (synergy vapor).

  • Description: Face Shield (disposable)
  • Material: PET (anti-fog)
  • Thickness: 0.20 / 0.02 mm
  • Dimensions: 32 × 22 cm
  • Color: Transparent
  • Attachment: White sponge and elastic band


  • Made of clear plastic, this ensures a clear view
  • Adjustable strap to fit well around the forehead
  • Complete coverage of the head, side and length
  • CE EN 166/2002
  • ROHS 2,0
  • SGS
  • ISO
  • Packaging: individually packed, 216 pieces per box
  • Packaging dimensions: 59 x 33.5 x 48.5 cm
  • Packaging weight: 9.4 kg


To illustrate how the Face Shield protects, IMG has asked Eindhoven University of Technology to demonstrate with a 3D simulation what happens when an unprotected person breathes, coughs and sneezes directly at the person wearing the Face Shield, and what happens when the wearer of the Face Shield breathes, sneezes or coughs. The study also illustrates the impact of breathing, sneezing or coughing on the environment of the Face Shield wearer.


In collaboration with TU/e

The video shows a 3D flow simulation with dispersion of large droplets and also aerosols or micro-droplets, due to breathing, coughing and sneezing by two opposing persons. Aerosols consists of a cloud of large (> 5-10 µm) and small fine droplets (<5 µm) and droplet cores.

Situations have been simulated in which two people are directly opposite each other at 0.5m, 1.0m and 1.5m distance. The drops are ejected from one person’s mouth towards the person opposite. A transparent Face Shield, worn by one of the two persons, is the only barrier. The Face Shield is completely closed at the top of the forehead with a foam tape that forms to the forehead.

Each simulation shows the effect of droplet dispersion due to one person ejection, at a speed of 2.5 m/s in case of breathing, 10 m/s in case of coughing and 50 m/s in case of sneezing. A distinction is made in droplet sizes ranging from 1 μm to 400 μm, with the smallest drops colored blue and the largest drops red. In case of contamination with SARS-CoV19, a large diameter droplet may contain more virus. The Face Shield is primarily intended to protect us against these droplets containing viruses, as these are expected to present the greatest risk of infection.

In case the person wearing the Face Shield breathes, coughs or sneezes, it’s clearly visible that the majority of the droplets, especially the large droplets, touch the inside of the mask and are stopped there. Only the smallest droplets can deposit on the body through the open bottom of the mask. This can prevent direct infection of the other person.

In case the opposite person breathes, it can be seen that the large droplets fall on the ground because of gravity before they can reach the other person. In case of coughing and sneezing, where the speed is higher, the droplets are stopped by the Face Shield.

NB: Evaporation is not included in this simulation. It’s likely that the small particles largely evaporate at distances greater than 0.5m and before they will deposit on the body, and then travel on as solid cores.

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Contact professions are professions where there is regular direct contact with others within a distance of 1.5 meters. It’s therefore important that people with contact professions can work as safely as possible. In this way they can ensure that it’s also safe for customers, patients and/or clients. The Face Shield has been specially developed for anyone with a contact profession.


We advise persons working in a medical contact profession to wear a respiratory mask (minimum FFP2 qualification) in addition to the Face Shield (to protect the entire face). This way you are assured that all mucous membranes are protected. We would also like to help you with this form of respiratory protection.

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